Acorn Centre – CNTW231

Note: Currently Acorn ward is being used to house our inpatient learning disability services during a refurbishment of Edenwood ward.

logo - AccessAbleThe Acorn Centre is a rehabilitation unit based at the Carleton Clinic in Carlisle.  Acorn has ten beds. The purpose of the unit is to facilitate rehabilitation for men with complex mental health needs, working to develop strengths and goals. Staff will work alongside you in three broad ways:

  • Treatment – offering evidence based interventions to promote physical and psychological wellness
  • Prevention – working on early warning signs and relapse prevention planning
  • Rehabilitation –  building skills in areas such as daily living, learning, social or work environments.

You will be supported to consider your physical as well as mental health and will have access to ongoing screening and support to manage your physical health as independently as possible.

The centre seeks to build strong links with your local communities.

Rehabilitation can take time. Length of stay is individualised and can take up to around 18 months to two years to support discharge into the community.

Who is the Acorn Unit for?

The Acorn Unit is for men with complex mental health needs who require a period of rehabilitation in hospital.

How can I get referred?

Admission to Acorn will be on the basis of a multi-disciplinary assessment and discussion with commissioners.  A number of patients who access care, treatment and support from Acorn may come back into Cumbria following placements out-with the county.


01228 608 070


Carleton Clinic Cumwhinton Drive Carlisle CA1 3SX