Jane Palmer Day Hospital – Day Services South Tyneside – patient information leaflet

This leaflet provides you with information that you will find useful whilst attending Jane Palmer Day Hospital in Jarrow

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  • Introduction

    This leaflet provides you with information that you will find useful whilst attending Jane Palmer Day Hospital in Jarrow. If you are not sure about anything in this leaflet please ask a member of staff.

  • What are day hospitals?

    Our day hospital provides assessment and treatment for older adults who are frail with complex mental health needs. The people who attend have memory problems or functional mental health problems.

    Younger people with dementia can also access this service.

  • Where are the day hospitals based?

    Jane Palmer Day Hospital is a day service based at Palmer Community Hospital, Jarrow.

    Contact details are at the end of this leaflet.

  • Who we are

    The service is open two days a week, Monday and Tuesday from approximately 9am to 5pm (except Bank Holidays). You will be invited to attend on days and at times appropriate to your needs.

    The day hospital team has a Consultant Psychiatrist and Registered Mental Health Nurses. We will involve other health professionals dependent upon your needs and these will include a Psychologist or Occupational Therapist.

    You will see the person best able to help you. There may be more than one person from the team supporting you.

  • What we do

    We want to work together with you and your relatives/carers to help you manage your difficulties and feelings. This support will help you move forward with your life.

  • The Lead Health Care Professional or Care Co-ordinator

    The Lead Health Care Professional or Care Co-ordinator is the named member of the team who helps you plan your care whilst attending the day hospital and is the person who will be most involved with your assessment and treatment.

  • Review of your care whilst attending day services

    The care you receive will be checked regularly. This is called a review. It may include other professionals involved in your care including occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, speech and language therapists and dieticians. This is called a multi-disciplinary review.

  • Relatives and carers

    Information from relatives and carers is really helpful as part of your assessment and treatment. We will involve your relatives and carers as much as possible with your permission. We will try and support your relatives and carers as much as we can.

  • Discharge information

    You will still need some help and support when you leave the day services. This will be discussed with you before you are discharged and a copy of these arrangements (your discharge care plan) will be given to you and your relatives/carers. We will ask your permission to share this information.

  • Meal times

    Day services areas operate protected meal times. This means you have the right to enjoy mealtimes without unnecessary disruption. Please ask a member of staff for further details. Lunch is provided if you are staying all day as well as light refreshments in the morning and afternoon.

  • Transport

    Some people come by the ambulance service, and others make their own way. We will help you to get here if you need our help and someone will help you on and off transport and the ambulance.

    For travel information contact:

    Go North East
    Tel: 0191 429 5050
    7am-7pm, Monday-Friday
    Website: www.gonortheast.co.uk

    Tel: 0191 20 20 747
    8am-6pm, Monday – Friday
    Website: www.nexus.org.uk

  • Medicines

    If you need to take medication while you are at the day services please bring it with you. You can either give it to the ambulance crew who collect you or to the nursing staff when you arrive at the unit. The nurses will make sure you get it at the right time.

  • What if I have a comment, suggestion, compliment or complaint about the service?

    If you want to make a comment, suggestion, compliment or complaint you can:
    • talk to the people directly involved in your care
    • ask a member of staff for a feedback form, or complete a form on the Trust website www.cntw.nhs.uk (click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab)
    • telephone the Complaints Department 0191 245 6672
    • email complaints@cntw.nhs.uk Please note that information sent to the Trust via email is sent at your own risk
    • We are always looking at ways to improve services. Your feedback allows us to monitor the quality of our services and act upon issues that you bring to our attention.
    You can provide feedback in the following ways:
    – the quickest way for you to do this is to complete our short online survey at
    – complete a Points of You survey, available from staff.

  • Useful organisations

    • PALS – Patient Advice and Liaison Service
    South of Tyne – Tel: 0800 328 4397
    – Text: 0782 506 1035

    Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

    Provides information and advice about local NHS services and support organisations and helps sort out any problems with NHS services.

    • Cumbria, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust
    Tel: 0191 246 6800
    Website: www.cntw.nhs.uk

    • The Alzheimer’s Society – South Tyneside
    Tel: 0191 427 5443
    Monday – Friday, 9am – 4.30pm
    Website: www.southtyneside.gov.uk/article/35363/Alzheimer-s-Society

    • The Alzheimer’s Society
    Dementia Connect support line
    Tel: 0333 150 3456
    Website: www.alzheimers.org.uk

    • Age Concern Tyneside South: ACTS
    Tel: 0191 456 6903
    Monday – Friday 9a.m. – 3:45p.m.
    Saturday and Sunday Closed
    Address: 29 Beach Rd, South Shields. Tyne and Wear. NE33 2QU.
    Website: http://ac-ts.org.uk/

    • Age UK
    Tel: 0800 169 6565 (Monday to Sunday, 8am-7pm)
    Website: www.ageuk.org.uk

    • Sunderland and South Tyneside – Mental Health Matters Helpline
    Tel: 0800 138 6543
    Provides 24/7 emotional support, advice and guidance to residents of Sunderland and South Tyneside who are struggling with their mental health.

  • Contact details

    Jane Palmer Day Hospital
    Palmer Community Hospital
    Wear Street
    NE32 3UX

    Tel: 0800 652 2867

    The telephone number above is for CNTW single point of access. Your call will be diverted or a message taken and a member of the day hospital team will contact you.

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