Staff Survey results are out

Posted: 07/03/17

The results of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust’s Staff Survey have showed staff’s experiences are average or above average. While we’re delighted this is the case, the trust is not complacent and we are determined to keep on improving.

Our results this year show many areas where we are above average for the sector. For example:

  • 94% of us think that the Trust takes positive action on health and wellbeing
  • 84% agreed that training helped them to do the job more effectively
  • These scores were in the top 20% of trusts as were scores for a further 45 measures

Over the coming weeks we will be looking at the results in detail to identify what action we can take where to improve staff experience.

Observations made in the report will now go to the Corporate Decisions Team so they can look at what recommendations can be made to improve on these results. Operational Groups will get their results broken down into by their different areas and they’ll do a similar exercise to see what action can be taken on a local level.

We have also broken down the results for protected characteristics. These will be discussed in staff networks and Equality and Diversity Steering Groups to see if there’s a need for any specific action to address them.

There were some main headlines to come out of the survey, both things we are doing well and need to improve on.

Survey results showed that 99% of staff reported mandatory training in the past 12 months and 98% of staff said they would know how to report concerns about unsafe clinical practice.

The three areas where we scored the worst were staff feeling pressure from themselves to come into work when unwell (91%). Just over a third of staff (37%) believed there were enough staff available to meet patient/service user needs. And some 38% agreed that senior managers act on staff feedback.

There have been identifiable improvements since last year’s Staff Survey. Staff saying they are able to meet all the conflicting demands on their time at work has seen a 4% improvement (53%, up from 49% last year) and is significantly better than the sector score of 33%.

Staff saying they are satisfied with the extent to which the organisation values their work has seen a significant improvement and is also significantly higher than the sector score (52%, compared to 46%).