Apprenticeship Week: Samuel’s story

Posted: 09/03/17

Samuel Broadbent, 24, has been an administration officer (team secretary) with the Sunderland Psychiatric Liaison team for 18 months. He has Asperger’s and found that an apprenticeship was a really helpful way of developing his skills and getting into employment.

When and why did I sign up for an apprenticeship with NTW?

I started with NTW in October 2013, having done my Level 2 with another provider. In the middle of doing my Level 3 in Business Adminstration I got a Band 2 role with the trust.
NTW is a great organisation to work for. You work with experienced people. There’s alots of options for training and experience you can build up, it’s very wide-ranging.

I didn’t have work experience, but I had done voluntary work in retail. An apprenticeship was a good way forward with that experience after I’d done my A Levels in business admin,  maths and applied IT at City of Sunderland College

What benefits did my apprenticeship have for me?

You get a good wage, employment, job security and more chance of full-time employment because of it. Those are great opportunities. I’ve got skills I have been able to enhance in a job – I really do think apprenticeships are a good idea.

The workforce needs younger generations in to get them working. As staff come to retire, it’s great that they can pass on their experience to youngers ones to show them how to do it. Apprentices can be the future of the organisation.

What effect has an apprenticeship had on my career?

The apprenticeship has helped in my Asperger’s. It’s given me more of a chance to show my skills and show what I can do. It was really good when I won Apprentice of the Year at the 2014 NTW Staff Awards.

I thought I would never get far, but with my apprenticeship I really enjoyed the work and was able to do further training. There’s a lot to it. There are lots of staff on hand to give you help and the tools you need. I think it’s great.

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