Apprenticeship Week: Claire’s story

Posted: 10/03/17

Claire Mullin applied for an apprenticeship to ease her back into the workplace after a long break. She is now an adminsitration officer, Occupational Therapy, with Bamburgh Clinic, at St. Nicholas Hospital. She did business administration, advanced apprenticeship Level 3.

When and why did I sign up for and apprenticeship with NTW?

February 2016 is when I signed up and began my placement within the trust. I decided to take the apprenticeship route into employment because it gave me the chance to learn and earn at the same time. Gaining employment was proving difficult after a long break from working, so I saw this as a great opportunity to prove myself and ease myself back into working life.

What benefits did my apprenticeship have for me?

My apprenticeship gave me the chance to explore different working areas without committing to one, so I could be sure the area was suited to me before I was contracted to one. It also helped me get the confidence I needed to seek full time employment. I was employed by the trust fairly quickly after starting my apprenticeship.

Why should departments sign up for apprentices?

Apprentices can be a huge help to departments!

What effect has an apprenticeship had on my career?

A positive effect, I am now a permanent member of staff and I am really enjoying my role here. Connor Massey from the apprenticeship training team has been very supportive and has provided me with information on how to develop my career further. It’s nice to know that advice and guidance is always available to you, even after your apprenticeship is complete.

If you would like to know more about getting an apprenticeship with NTW, email