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Bill Scott

Public Governor for Northumberland

Having a long-term interest in mental health, from lived experience and by working in the field, Bill has a passion for developing meaningful projects.

Bill Scott

He hopes to encourage individuals to build upon their innate inner strengths and potential and to encourage people with mental health problems to have more control of their own lives.

Over time, Bill would like to focus more closely on NTW’s commitment to providing services for people living with mental health issues across the more rural areas of Northumberland.

Bill’s somewhat convoluted ‘career path’ initially stumbled from engineering to music industry adventures, drug and alcohol addiction, spending a year in a bizarre religious cult, a lifeguard (a distinctly non Bay Watch version!) etc. Bill then discovered, almost by accident, that he had a brain (as a result of providing assistance to the Miner’s Strike support groups in the 1980s!). This led him to undertake a social research degree which subsequently led to a wide range of employment in the fields of social research and community development, up to his present work in terms of mental health.

He is an active member of several mental health service user led networks that place huge importance on challenging stigma and social exclusion and he is involved with various cross-sector committees and projects that focus on a wide spectrum of mental health and well-being related issues, topics and events. He is also the organiser of a regional support group for adults with AD/HD and is part of the MAD Studies North East group who recently organised a highly successful international Mad Studies conference at Durham University.