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Standing Financial Instructions (Policy)

Standing Financial Instruction Policy (669kB)

CNTWO51 - Appendix 1 (717kB)

Scheme of Reservation and Delegation

CNTWO51 - Appendix 2 (96kB)

Audit Committee - Terms of Reference

SFI-PGN-01-01 (656kB)

Receipt, Custody and Disposal of Lost Property

SFI-PGN-01-02 (268kB)

Authorisation Systems

SFI-PGN-01-03 (219kB)

Unusual Transactions

SFI-PGN-04-01 (505kB)

The Use of Budgetary Control

SFI-PGN-05-01 (358kB)

Stocktaking of Departmental Stores

SFI-PGN-05-01-Appendix 1 (45kB)

Stocktaking Sheet for Stock

SFI-PGN-05-01-Appendix 2 (43kB)

Stocktaking Sheets Issue Log

SFI-PGN-07-02 (151kB)

Application for the Use of Petty Cash

SFI-PGN-07-03 (102kB)

Management and Use of a Petty Cash Sub-Float

SFI-PGN-07-04 (634kB)

Supporting, Patients, Carers and Relatives with Travelling including Payment of Expenses from Petty Cash

SFI-PGN-07-05 (72kB)

Reimbursement of Volunteer’s Expenses

SFI-PGN-07-06 (47kB)

Reimbursement of Travelling Expenses to Patients on a Therapeutic Travel Programme

SFI-PGN-07-07 (327kB)

Process of an Accounts Receivable Transaction

SFI-PGN-07-07 Appendix 1 (958kB)

AR request Form

SFI-PGN-07-07 Appendix 2 (257kB)

VAT Guidance

SFI-PGN-07-08 (646kB)

Completion of an Invoice Request Form

SFI-PGN-07-08 Appendix 1 (958kB)

AR-Request-Form Invoice and Credit

SFI-PGN-07-08 Appendix 2 (303kB)

VAT Guidance

SFI-PGN-07-09 (494kB)

Setting up a Service Level Agreement Procedure for Non-Patient Care Services

SFI-PGN-07-09 Appendix 1 (31kB)

Memorandum of Understanding

SFI-PGN-07-09 Appendix 2 (232kB)

Service Level Agreement Template

SFI-PGN-07-09 Appendix 3 (30kB)

Change Control Notice

SFI-PGN-10-01 (487kB)

The Use of Purchase Cards

SFI-PGN-10-01 Appendix 1 (44kB)

Agreement Relating To The Issue Of A Purchase Card

SFI-PGN-10-01 Appendix 2 (11kB)

Purchase Card Transaction Log

SFI-PGN-10-01 Appendix 3 (44kB)

Purchase Card Statement Query Log

SFI-PGN-10-02 (2Mb)

Logistics Online Ordering and Online Catalogue

SFI-PGN-14-01 (909kB)

Losses and Special Payments

SFI-PGN-14-02 (419kB)

Ex-Gratia Payments

SFI-PGN-16-01 (78kB)

Admission Guidance for Patients Monies and Property

SFI-PGN-16-02 (645kB)

Receipting of Patients Monies

SFI-PGN-16-03 (679kB)

Receipting and Return of Patients Valuable Property

SFI-PGN-16-04 (76kB)

Guidance on the Use of Patients Monies

SFI-PGN-16-05 (588kB)

Withdrawal of Monies for Patients assessed to have Capacity

SFI-PGN-16-06 (919kB)

Withdrawal of Monies for Patients assessed not to have Capacity

SFI-PGN-16-07 (44kB)

Patients Pocket Monies held at Ward Level

SFI-PGN-16-08 (65kB)

Payments of Bills and Debts on behalf of a Patient

SFI-PGN-16-09 (575kB)

Ordering of Goods and Services on behalf of a Patient

SFI-PGN-16-10 (83kB)

Goods from Hospital Shop

SFI-PGN-16-11 (74kB)

Pocket Monies (for under 18’s), Loan Payments or Section 47/49 Monies given to Patients

SFI-PGN-16-12 (69kB)

Discharge or Transfer of a Patient

SFI-PGN-16-13 (72kB)

Deceased Patient’s Monies and Property

SFI-PGN-16-14 (119kB)

Reimbursement of a Patients Monies Sub-Float

SFI-PGN-16-15 (56kB)

Authorised Signatories for Patients Monies and Property

SFI-PGN-18-01 (483kB)

Seeking Approval for Non Contract Activity

SFI-PGN-18-01 Appendix 1 (28kB)

Seeking Approval for Non Contract Activity

SFI-PGN-19-01 (82kB)

Charitable Funds

SFI-PGN-19-01 Appendix 4 (32kB)

Application To Use Charitable Funds