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Pharmacological Therapies Policy

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Pharmacological Therapies Policy (387kB)

PPT-PGN-01 (745kB)

Psychotropic Induced Sexual Dysfunction


The Safe Use of AstraZeneca COVID-19 (ChAdOx1 (recombinant)) Vaccine-Restricted Available at Local Intranet

PPT-PGN-03 (855kB)

Anticoagulation Therapy

PPT-PGN-04 (587kB)

Drug Allergy

PPT-PGN-04 - Appendix 1 (214kB)

Drug Allergy Reaction Types and Timescales

PPT-PGN-05 (460kB)

Safe Prescribing of Clozapine

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 1 (196kB)

Monitoring requirements for patients prescribed Clozapine

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 2 (66kB)

Clozapine titration/retitration prescription

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 3 (145kB)

Clozapine Initiation Monitoring

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 4 (70kB)

Clozapine Clinic Referral Form

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 5 (197kB)

Contact Details

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 6 (63kB)

Shared Care agreement and GP Letter Template

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 7 (61kB)

Clozapine Clinic Standard Work

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 8 (175kB)

Guide to Interpretation of Clozapine Plasma Levels

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 9 (143kB)

RED result protocol

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 10 (160kB)

AMBER result protocol

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 11 (184kB)

Denzapine Rechallenge process

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 12 (438kB)

Treatment Break Protocol

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 13 (135kB)

Retitration by the CRHT

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 14 (142kB)

Clozapine Related Constipation

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 15 (151kB)

Clozapine related hypersalivation

PPT-PGN-05 - Appendix 16 (205kB)

Clozapine and smoking

PPT-PGN-06 (443kB)

Guidelines for the Safe Prescribing and Administration of Insulin

PPT-PGN-06 - Appendix 1 (36kB)

Capillary Blood Glucose (CBG) Monitoring Chart

PPT-PGN-06 - Appendix 2 (29kB)

Variable Dose Insulin Chart

PPT-PGN-06 - Appendix 3 (306kB)

Management of Hypoglycaemia

PPT-PGN-08 (818kB)

Physical Health Monitoring of Patients Prescribed Anti Psychotics and Other Psychotropic Medicines

PPT-PGN-08 - Appendix 1 (324kB)

Monitoring requirements for adult patients prescribed antipsychotics (except clozapine)

PPT-PGN-08 - Appendix 2 (332kB)

Monitoring requirements for children and young people (<18 years) prescribed antipsychotics (except clozapine)

PPT-PGN-08 - Appendix 3 (473kB)

Guidelines for the Management of QTc Prolongation in Adults Prescribed Antipsychotics

PPT-PGN-08 - Appendix 4 (257kB)

Medicines Related Physical Health Monitoring Drugs used to Manage ADHD (Children and Adults)

PPT-PGN-09 (504kB)

Use methotrexate and other cytotoxic Cytostatic agents

PPT-PGN-10 (539kB)

Guidelines for the Use of High Dose of Antipsychotic Therapy

PPT-PGN-10 - Appendix 1


PPT-PGN-10 - Appendix 2 (449kB)

Monitoring Requirements for HDAT

PPT-PGN-12 (485kB)

Buccal Administration of Midazolam by CNTW Staff as an Emergency Procedure for Patients with a Diagnosis of Epilepsy in Adults and Children

PPT-PGN-13 (485kB)

Midazolam for Sedation in Outpatient Clinics

PPT-PGN-13 - Appendix 1 (36kB)

Midazolam Sedation Risk Assessment

PPT-PGN-15 (228kB)

Subcutaneous Fluids

PPT-PGN-15 - Appendix 1 (136kB)

Subcutaneous Calculation Rates

PPT-PGN-15 - Appendix 2 (42kB)

Key Competencies for clinical procedure; Sub-cutaneous fluid administration

PPT-PGN-15 - Appendix 3 (54kB)

Fluid Balance Chart

PPT-PGN-17 (497kB)

Melatonin in Paediatric Sleep Disorders

PPT-PGN-18 (275kB)

Reducing Dosing Errors with Opioid Medicines

PPT-PGN-18 Appendix 1 (288kB)

Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS)

PPT-PGN-19 (768kB)

Safer Lithium Therapy

PPT-PGN-19 - Appendix 1 (231kB)

Lithium Level Guide for Prescribers)

PPT-PGN-19 - Appendix 2

Lithium Side Effects Scale -(LiSERS)-Restricted , Available on Local Intranet

PPT-PGN-19 - Appendix 3 (354kB)

Drug Interactions

PPT-PGN-19 - Appendix 4 (544kB)

Monitoring Requirements for patients on Lithium

PPT-PGN-19 - Appendix 5 (621kB)

Lithium Transfer Checklist

PPT-PGN-20 (429kB)

Prescribing Botulinum Toxin within CNTW Neuro-rehabilitation Services

PPT-PGN-21 (631kB)

Benzodiazepine and Z-drug prescribing in anxiety and insomnia

Appendix 3 (640kB)

Benzo and Zdrug flowchart

PPT-PGN-22 (1Mb)

Management of Acute Alcohol Withdrawal in Adults (Over 18)

PPT-PGN-23 (4Mb)

Oxygen use in Adults

PPT-PGN-24 (1Mb)

Management of Hyperprolactinaemia

PPT-PGN-25 (695kB)

Safe Prescribing of Valproate

PPT-PGN-26 (739kB)

Guidance for the in-patient use of opiate substitution therapy

PPT-PGN-27 (644kB)

Guidelines for the use of zuclopenthixol acetate IM injection

PPT-PGN-28 (247kB)

Prescribing Medicines and the Personality Disorder Pathway

PPT-PGN-28 - Appendix 1 (488kB)

Personality Disorder Good Practice Guidance

PPT-PGN-30 (872kB)

Safe Prescribing of Vitamin D