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Medical Devices Policy

Medical Devices Policy (457kB)

MD-PGN-01 (268kB)

Roles and Responsibilities

MD-PGN-01 Appendix 1 (36kB)

Medical Devices Order Form

MD-PGN-01 Appendix 2 (55kB)

Disposal of Medical Devices

Disposal Flow Chart (413kB)

Medical Device Disposal Procedure

MD-PGN-02 (618kB)


MD-PGN-02 Appendix 01 (53kB)

Devices Disposal Form

MD-PGN-03 (392kB)

Equipment Acceptance

MD-PGN-03 Appendix 1 (31kB)

Medical Device Acceptance Form

MD-PGN-04 (404kB)

Equipment Information, Manuals and Documentation

MD-PGN-04 Appendix 01 (31kB)

Medical Device Acceptance Form

MD-PGN-05 (420kB)

Maintenance and Repair

MD-PGN-05 Appendix 01 (45kB)

MD Request for Repair Form

MD-PGN-05 Appendix 02 (389kB)

Repair Flow Chart

MD-PGN-06 (409kB)


MD-PGN-06 Appendix 01 (56kB)

Attendance List

MD-PGN-06 Appendix 02 (47kB)

Course Outline

MD-PGN-06 Appendix 03 (79kB)

Evaluation Form

MD-PGN-06 Appendix 04 (53kB)

Training Request Form

MD-PGN-06 Appendix 05 (222kB)


MD-PGN-07 (236kB)

Weighted Equipment

MD-PGN-08 (330kB)

Movement, Transfer and Storage of Medical Devices within the Trust

MD-PGN-08 Appendix 01 (44kB)

Medical Devices Movement Form

MD-PGN-09 (320kB)

Loan, Rent or Leased Equipment

MD-PGN-10 (326kB)

Reporting of Incidents and Defects relating to Medical Devices


MD-PGN-11 (309kB)

Sale, External Transfer of Ownership and Disposal of Used Medical Devices

MD-PGN-12 (325kB)

Disposal of Medical Devices

MD-PGN-12 Appendix 01 (401kB)

Disposal Procedure

MD-PGN-12 Appendix 02 (55kB)

Medical Decontamination Certificate

MD-PGN-12 Appendix 03 (53kB)

Medical Devices Disposal Form

MD-PGN-13 (317kB)

Equipment Replacement

MD-PGN-13 Appendix 1 (286kB)

Medical Device Order Process