Infection Prevention and Control Policy

Infection Prevention and Control Policy (446kB)


IPC-PGN-01 (298kB)

Access to Infection, Prevention and Control Advice

IPC-PGN-02.1 (174kB)

Standard Precautions

IPC-PGN-03.1 (437kB)

Safe Use and Disposal of Sharps

IPC-PGN-04.1 (858kB)

Hand Hygiene and the Use of Gloves

IPC-PGN-04.1 Appendix 01 (270kB)

Hand Washing Technique

IPC-PGN-04.1 Appendix 02 (293kB)

Hand Sanitiser Technique

IPC-PGN-04.1 Appendix 03 (38kB)

Evaluation of Hand Hygiene Procedure

IPC-PGN-05 (545kB)

Reporting and Notification of Infectious Diseases

IPC-PGN-06 (835kB)

Outbreak Management including the management of major incidents relating to infectious agents

IPC-PGN-08 (512kB)

Isolation of infected patients in hospital

IPC-PGN-09 (474kB)

Precautions to be taken after the death of an infected patient (known or suspected)

IPC-PGN-10 (342kB)

Medical Devices and Equipment – Cleaning and Decontamination

IPC-PGN-10 Appendices

IPC-PGN-12 (376kB)

The Management of Used Hospital Laundry

IPC-PGN-13 (347kB)

Lice, Fleas and Scabies Prevention

IPC-PGN-14.1 (622kB)

IPC considerations in the purchase and use of equipment: water coolers and ice making machines

IPC-PGN-15 (191kB)

Antimicrobial Prescribing Guidance

IPC-PGN-17 (386kB)

Transferring Patients with known or suspected Infectious Disease

IPC-PGN-17 Appendix 01 (31kB)

Inter-healthcare Infection Control Transfer Form

IPC-PGN-21 (563kB)

Management of MRSA in hospital

IPC-PGN-22 (327kB)

Prevention and Control of Clostridium difficile in Hospital

IPC-PGN-22 Appendix 01 (111kB)

Identifying and Managing Incidents of CDI

IPC-PGN-22 Appendix 02 (174kB)

Bristol Stool Chart

IPC-PGN-22 Appendix 03 (207kB)

Management of patients with the Clostridium difficile infection (CDI)

IPC-PGN-22 Appendix 04 (57kB)

C difficile Bowel Monitoring Record Chart

IPC-PGN-22 Appendix 05 (43kB)

C difficile Care Plan

IPC-PGN-23 (263kB)

Meningococcal Infection, Meningitis/septicaemia

IPC-PGN-23 Appendix 01 (144kB)

Benzylpenicillin Injection

IPC-PGN-23 Appendix 02 (137kB)

Meningococcal Disease Prophylaxis

IPC-PGN-23 Appendix 03 (137kB)

Ciprofloxacin Information Leaflet for patients

IPC-PGN-23 Appendix 04 (145kB)

Ciprofloxacin Information Leaflet for staff

IPC-PGN-23 Appendix 05 (134kB)

Example of Rifampicin Patient Information Leaflet

IPC-PGN-23 Appendix 06 (132kB)

Rifampicin Information Sheet for Staff Members

IPC-PGN-24 (515kB)

Management of Parvovirus B19 in healthcare settings

IPC-PGN-26 (1Mb)

Guidance for the Management of Patients with an Influenza-like Illness (ILI) or confirmed Influenza

IPC-PGN-27.1 (354kB)

Water Safety – Management and control of Legionella and water borne bacteria

IPC-PGN-27.2 (337kB)

Control of Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease: Preventing the accumulation of stagnant water

IPC-PGN-27.2 Appendix 01 (91kB)

Weekly Legionella Water Flushing Record – Clinical Areas

IPC-PGN-27.2 Appendix 02 (58kB)

Weekly Legionella Water Flushing Record – Non Clinical Areas

IPC-PGN-27.2 Appendix 03 (69kB)

Advice Note for water outlets in closed areas

IPC-PGN-27.3 (444kB)

Hydrotherapy Pool Management

IPC-PGN-29 (261kB)

Animals in Healthcare Environment

IPC-PGN-30 (318kB)

Staff Immunisation

Appendix 1 (31kB)

Refusal of Vaccination Form

Appendix 2 (26kB)

Risk Profile

Appendix 3 (29kB)

Staff Vaccination Recommendations

IPC-PGN-31 (1Mb)

Guidance for the Management of Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19