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Health and Safety Policy

Cumbria Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, click below

(for Central, South, North locality Care Groups)

Health and Safety Policy (922kB)

HS-PGN-01 (71kB)

Provision and Use of Work Equipment

Appendix 1 (109kB)

Work Equipment Risk Assessment

Appendix 2 (155kB)

HSE Guidance for LOLER in Health and Social Care settings

HS-PGN-02 (501kB)

Moving and Handling

Appendix 1 (154kB)

Manual Handling Risk Assessment Form

Appendix 2 (105kB)

Manual Handling Assessments for Wards and Departments Providing Patient Care

Appendix 3 (65kB)

Individual Patients/Service Users Moving and Handling Assessment

Appendix 4 (378kB)

Moving and Handling Guidance

Appendix 5 (282kB)

Communication and Training Checklist

HS-PGN-03 (254kB)

Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Appendix 1 (269kB)

COSHH Assessment Guidance Notes

Appendix 2 (69kB)

COSHH Inventory

Appendix 3 (114kB)

COSHH Assessment Form

Appendix 4 (51kB)

COSHH Assessment - Safe Working Procedure

HS-PGN-04 (647kB)

Personal Protective Equipment

Appendix 3 (87kB)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Assessment

HS-PGN-05 (505kB)

Display Screen Equipment Guidance

Appendix 1 (3Mb)

DSE User Assessment Form

Appendix 7 (1Mb)

Application for an Eye Test and or Special Corrective Lenses

HS-PGN-06 (230kB)

New and Expectant Mothers

Appendix 1 (99kB)

New and Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment

HS-PGN-07 (341kB)

Planned Activities

HS-PGN-08 (352kB)

Noise at Work

Appendix 1 (84kB)

Noise Survey Assessment

HS-PGN-09 (415kB)

First Aid at Work

Appendix 4 (52kB)

First Aid Competencies

HS-PGN-10 (486kB)

Latex Sensitivity

HS-PGN-11 (2Mb)

Workplace Regulations

Appendix 3 (64kB)

Water Temperature Record

HS-PGN-12 (291kB)

Safety Inspections Audits

Appendix 2 (102kB)

Health and Safety Audit of Area


Clinical Environmental Risk Assessment (CERA) Process(Restricted-available on Trust Intranet)

HS-PGN-14 (352kB)

Standard for Gym/Exercise Provision

Appendix 1 (74kB)

Pre Activity Physical Screen

Appendix 2 (48kB)

Patient Contract

Appendix 3 (79kB)

Gym Programme

Appendix 4 (45kB)

In-Patient Consent to Exercise Form

Appendix 5 (53kB)

Staff Gym Attendance Record

Appendix 6 (161kB)

Protocol for Staff Access to Trust Gyms

Appendix 7 (59kB)

Pre Activity Questionnaire for Staff Use

Appendix 8 (49kB)

Staff Gym Induction

Appendix 9 (220kB)

Irwin and Morgan Risk Stratification Tool

Appendix 10 (171kB)

Factors to Consider in the Assessment of the Low Body Weight Patient