Pool Table, Beckfield PICU, Hopewood Park

Patients on Beckfield receive a new pool table to enjoy whilst receiving treatment on the ward.

Beckfield is a 14 bed Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) based at Hopewood Park in Sunderland. The service is for men and women over the age of 18 who are experiencing a relapse or crisis and require a period of intensive secure care until they can return to an open inpatient unit.

Three members of staff on Beckfield ward standing next to a new pool table

In 2024, the ward received funding from SHINE to pay for a new pool table to replace an old table which was damanged beyond repair.  The pool table is accessible to patients whenever they want to use it and provides a fun team-building activity on the ward where patients can socialise, build rapport and boost morale which can also reduce incidents of violence and agression. “Patients and staff enjoy using this as part of activities. This can often de-escalate situations and support patient wellbeing,” says Ward Manager, Stephanie Charlton.

It has a huge positive impact for the whole ward! All our smiles are back.

Kate JacksonActivity Facilitator